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Map of Whangaroa Bay

Spectacular fjord like harbour.
Rocky outcrops thrust out of the sea to over 1100 feet high
Cosy anchorages nestled at the base afford peaceful overnight anchorages.

The quiet township of Whangaroa is home to a commercial fishing fleet and big game fishing boats.

Dine with celebriies at the famous King Fish Lodge.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Apr-2009

Whangaroa (Anchorage)

The village of Whangaroa is at the southern end of the harbour and, while exposed to SW winds, has excellent holding. There is a marina with visitors’ berths available. Ashore is a small shop, a public bar and the game fishing club which welcomes visitors for meals and drinks.

Howard [ Just Imagine ] 25-Apr-2009

Lane Cove (Anchorage)

Rere Bay (Anchorage)