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Sveti Marko (Anchorage)

Wonderful anchorage that is very well protected from all winds apart from the Bura, and can get a little choppy in westerlies. 
Good holding in mud between 5 and 15m.
Can get busy in the summer during the day, but most boats head back to the marina in the evening.

The island is a private island. There is a grumpy guy that will chase you off if you land on the dock. He tends not to walk along the beach though so you should be fine beaching towards the south eastern end.

Tony [ Nostra Signora ] 31-Dec-1969

Porto Montenegro (Marina)

Tony [ Nostra Signora ] 15-Feb-2013
Old Austro Hungarian Naval repair facility has been transformed into a full service High-end Marina.
Very well serviced with excellent and very helpful staff.
Duty free fuel for larger quantities.
Port of clearance.

Tony [ Nostra Signora ] 31-Dec-1969