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Just Imagine (Profile)

Koilada, Greece 2010

Just Imagine is wintering hauled out in Koilada, Greece.

Howard and Jayne are in Florida.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 02-Sep-2009

liebling (Profile)

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gerry [ liebling ] 30-Mar-2009

Ciao Moody (Profile)

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David & Linda [ Ciao Moody ] 31-Jan-2010


More info about REAL MOUNTIE....

My wife Lise and I had lived respectively a long and exciting careers. We wanted a new way of living in seeking a pleasure craft that could provide us the ultimate Retirement Adventure, our Alternative Home and our memorable summer residence as a reward to our hard-working and successful life.

The current retirement alternatives do not offer much to those who have achieved something in their life and are just ready to be put out to pasture. We needed a boat that could put a sense of freedom into our retirement adventure.

There is a camaraderie in a boating community that is non-existent in a cement high-rise or suburb. We wanted to become more involved in the heartbeat of life as we are more aware of Mother Nature and her ever-changing moods something you lose with the big city. We wanted more than a summer cottage. We bought a condominium for Skiing during the snow season and we wanted a Boataminium for the rest of the year. I sailed since the age of 14 and I was tired with huge headsails, getting soaked in an open cockpit and living in a expensive submarine, all at a 15 degree heel.

After a 3 year research, we made that eccentric choice to Buy a Boat as a liveaboard for the ultimate retirement experience in order to escape the jungle of concrete and asphalt of big cities like Montreal, Canada.

We wanted a Boat that fits our needs and we so grateful to Doug and Brenda Dawson for all their publications. Doug, Brenda thank you for helping us to make the appropriate choice in order to realize our dream! We have interpreted our Research into Reality.

We then established criteria for safety, economy, character, comfort, style and why not grace. We were attracted by a classic look Motor Yacht that did not look like a Clorox bottle or Wedding cake type of Motor Yacht (No offence to anyone who choose Low maintenance and Bigger budget Yacht). We did not want high performance as we have worn out the thrill of rattling our kidneys and our dishes. We wanted to save our pocketbook in keeping our fuel tanks filled so we would spend it visiting area to discover.

Comfort was a personal thing. We wanted to equate comfort with pleasure and enjoyment. This is one of the area's that occupied most our our research and study.

We do not enjoy weathering through a storm although we did encounter some bad weather and put up with Mother Nature during our trip from Fort Pierce to Lake Champlain and we were quite satisfied and impressed with her handling and performance during a thunderstorm.

Our Boat was to be our passport to civilized adventure in the nautical living environment. We did not want a boat to win races or cross the ocean, we just wanted to enjoy ourselves on the water as is it our belief that pleasure boating is for pleasure.

This Boat was to be our escape from the pressures of day-to-day existence. as a new, exiting alternative lifestyle for we wanted to taste more of life. We needed a chage of tempo as we needed to refresh our spririts like to put a smile on our face and in our heart. We are from the ''Stop and Smell the Roses'' School of Boating!

The covered screened after deck (veranda deck) is to be the best comfort place to sit and relax or have our meals. We have in addition two comfy chairs and we can accommodate half-dozen people for happy hour.

We finally bought it from Jim and Joan Elliott, formaly named CHRISTINE. Thank you Jim and Joan!
REAL MOUNTIE is a Canadian icon for a Canadian made 1986 Pilgrim 40 Hull #28 (a.k.a. as P-40) that was developed by Ted Gozzard a talented designer, tool-maker and shipwright.

The first production boat of the Pilgrim 40 Project started in January 1983. The P-40 was designed by an Artist, Ted Gozzard who expressed his natural talent and made the proof of concept (without using a computer), envisioned it three-dimensionally, drafted it, made a model, tooled and builded it to the finest carpentry detail that would be cost prohibitive today.

What a great feeling for us to see the smiles on people who tell us "What a beautiful boat you have"!

Every day, people make us realize that her striking looks is the centre of attention at our Marina or when we pull in to a harbour or an anchoring bay.

"Real Mountie" has given Lise and I, pleasure and pride in ownership in showing her classic, proven full displacement hull, with her plumb bow, fantail stern, gently arched windows, varnished mahogany trim, her sheer line, cosmetic details all combined to create an dream impression about herself and about her owners living their dreams that only one's own eyes and not our words can explain.

.. J. R. Normand Vallée
On board of trawler/ À bord du chalutier REAL MOUNTIE



Lise Tremblay and Normand [ REAL MOUNTIE ] 12-Jan-2012

GracefulDove (Profile)

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Wayne [ GracefulDove ] 14-Oct-2012

LAVINIA (Profile)

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Pavel [ LAVINIA ] 13-Feb-2011

Elizabeth (Profile)

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Lisa y Tony [ Focus II ] 25-Apr-2009
Dominican Sailer married with a Swedesh Lady. Living in Boca Chica Marina Zar Par, Dominican Republic. With Elizabeth we sail from DR to Puerto Rico, Culebras, St. Thomas and BVI's. In 2007 we sail around Hispaniola Island, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Lisa y Tony [ Focus II ] 25-Apr-2009

We sold out ELIZABETH (Beneteau first 265 and now we buy the FOCUS II, a Jenanneau Sunrise 34 with a very look interior, 16 BTU Air Conditioning System, 12 Volt refrigereation System and a 6 KW Generator. Is a really confortable boat and also have a good sailing performance.  Full set of sails, main, roller fruling Jib system and Spinaker make her fast sailing boat.

Lisa y Tony [ Focus II ] 25-Apr-2009

www.transmarinepro.com (Profile)

Sailors without Borders


“Sailors without Borders” Delivers much needed AID to the forgotten Haitian island of La Gonave in their first of

many “Sail Aid to Haiti” relief missions.

Sailing Vessel “Tranquility” and her crew arrived back in Key West Florida, a few days ago, from a Relief mission

to the island of Ile de la Gonave an island situated 18 miles from the main land of Haiti. A sailing family of four

and three extra crew took the AID to Haiti to a whole new level by hand delivering AID to the coastal community

of Anse a Galet. The island had clearly been forgotten by Haiti’s Government, even before the devastating

earthquake of January 12

A collaboration of foundations and business such as Endangered Planet, Art Miles Mural Project “Shoes of Hope”

Trans Marine and The Conch Republic Navy brought together a grass roots effort from Key West South Florida

Laguna Beach California and as far away as Egypt to Hand deliver 4 tons of cargo. This included Medical Supplies

& Canned beans from the Alton Group Miami, 8 – 7.2KW Generators and childrens clothing, food goods from

Sun Electronics Miami, 2000 pairs of “Shoes of Hope” hand painted from Art Miles Mural Project and

Bridgepoint Education center San Diego California and the much needed and asked for Baby formula and

powdered Milk from James Bourlet INC New York. Working along side of Association Amis des Enfants de L’ile de

La Gonave

president Nadal Damour and Vice president Samuel Michael, whom were the most gracious hosts and had only

our safety and enjoyment of this beautiful island at heart, while providing secure access to the areas of the

island for us to collect the much needed information for this reconnaissance mission.

After unloading the AID the “Tranquility” crew were invited to see the first of 3 schools in the center of town, it

comprised of a rented building and a plot of land with two wind generators and a solar panel. There was one

computer and a couple of tables, for all the children they teach here it aren’t nearly enough. Nadal and his

volunteers do the best that they can with their limited resources and strong faith of making a change in the

young minds of their pupils for a brighter future of educated youth and therefore a change in Haiti’s

infrastructure. These bright and intelligent

but, a HAND UP for a long term rebuilding relationship between the AAE and partners that can see the same

vision of making positive changes in the world. They believe that the future lies in our children and all blood

runs red no matter the colour of our skin.

The AAE are working with over 200 children divided up into three school areas, the school in the town of Anse a

Galet is for the children between the ages of 5

one hot meal a day. They are in desperate need of more computers and an overhead projector for the lessons

which run on Friday's

throughout all three schools that we visited the two schools in the countryside which took us 2 hours to get to,

by rented 4wd trucks, didn’t have any books paper or pencils. The outside classes were filled bursting with

children, sitting on wooden planks, wanting to learn and only having the chance one day a week, since the

teachers were volunteers, there is a shortage of school instruction. Nadals vision is to have school in the

countryside 5 days a week with funds allocated to hire good teachers and provide schooling supplies to all

children. The AAE was founded in 2002 by Nadal Damour and Samuel Michel their commitment to the children

and the growth of their country was evident in the early days as they would walk the 2 hour trek into the

countryside to check on the community and provide any small amount of relief they could. We didn’t even have

bicycles Nadal stated, now we rent a truck and motorcycles to get up into the hills each week. SV Tranquility

would like to be able to deliver at least four dirt/street motorcycles and/or ATV’s next season when we return to

continuing helping with the rebuilding efforts. It is most important that Haiti’s coastal communities do not get

forgotten now that the devastation of the earthquake is not being shown daily by the media. People in the 1

th.www.aaenfants.org SV Tranquility unloaded in Anse a Galet directly into the hands of the AAE’s men are dedicated to the children and are not asking for hand outs]17 here they learn computer science, French, English and receive and Saturday's there is also a demand for desks and chairs. These needs were seenst

world have gotten donor fatigue and are now carrying on with their lives. Let’s not forget that Haiti is one of

Americas neighbors soaked in a rich history of Americas past and present future.

Lack of fresh water on the island is a big problem. The school in the countryside has one well that has broken

again after the AAE has fixed it 3 times already. To fix it again they will need steel and construction materials

that are not available to them on La Gonave. This means that the villagers in this community now have to trek

another 2 hours to another well, collection of water becomes a daily event for a lot of children instead of

learning in school. Annual preciptatiion ranges from 800

areas. Few productive wells have been drilled deeper than 60 m. With Cameron’s expertise and contacts in the

marine industry we can help to put together affordable desalination units to provide fresh water access in the

town which is situated right beside the harbor. At this time there are 7 wells that are currently un

to repair these AAE has estimated that each well will cost an average of $2000.00 USD.

La Gonave is truly a beautiful island with a huge amount of potential, not only the land and it’s richness up in the

hill sides, but also the spirit of the people with their shinning faces and bright smiles even in the face of adversity

there is a faith and compassion we haven’t seen for along time. There are no funds allocated to La Gonave by

what’s left of Haiti’s government so to work on the construction of water bores, roads and sewage, means the

people are dependent on foreign

delivered to the island by the leading NGO’s since the earthquake and now it is struggling with an extra influx of

40,000 people that have returned from Port au Prince. The only AID we witnessed that was arriving by local

fishing boats from the main land was stamped US AID “not for resale” and was going straight to the black market

at $100 USD for a 100 pound bag of rice.

The AAE has a future vision that includes using renewable energy for harnessing the islands wind and sun to

power their homes and schools. There is no power on the island and the cooking is done by making their own

coal. You can see the burning of the trees in underground smoke pits on the hill sides, adding to the impact on

the land and creating rainy season mud slides. There is constant wind and sunshine in La Gonave year round

thus making wind and solar power the most economical choice at the present time. The AAE has two wind

generators and one solar panel on their Anse a Galet school house but unfortunately the regulator burnt out so

they are no longer producing power. The generators that SV “Tranquility” delivered will now power the

computer for schooling the children but this is a temporary fix as fuel is very expensive. SV “Tranquility” would

like to return, and with Trans

Renewable Energy Platforms to power their computers, drive the pumps for their wells and provided lighting

and some power for cooking.

The AAE wants to purchase a piece of fertile land up in the countryside that will provide the foundation for their

future mission of building a school and equip it to run self sufficiently. There they hope to teach the children

how to care for the crops and be sustainable in their own back yard, this piece of property is not much in

American dollars, perhaps as little as $4500 USD, It would mean so much to them to be able to build a school

for the community and teach 5 days a week.

There were so many grateful people that came up to us to thank Tranquility and crew for making the sea voyage

to deliver this AID and that with the AAE made sure to distribute it to all the children and families not just the

ones whom were in their schools. One boy I remember that shined the brightest was during the handing out of

the hand painted “Shoes of Hope”. He came in with shoes that had holes in the soles and were falling apart at

the seams his delight at receiving a new pair of shoes was displayed through his happy smile, even though there

was a language barrier I got the message to Thank you all for your donations, help support and love, You

brightened the life of many children.

SV Tranquility and Trans Marine are committed to the future of La Gonave and its children by giving our time

and skills to help with the construction of building a strong partnership with the people of Haiti through Sail AID

To Haiti and Sailors without Borders.

We would like to thank all those involved who have supported us in this first of many relief missions

]1,400 mm, Hand dug wells provide water in coastal]operational; AID getting to them through any means possible. So far very little aid has been]Marine’s expertise in Renewable Energy, can make a difference in setting up

Trans Marine & SV “Tranquility” – www.transmarinepro.com

Conch Republic Navy ] www.conchrepublic.com/the_beginning.htm

Joan Conover – SSCA Coordinatorwww.sv]growltiger.com

Donna Lange – OceansWatch Executive – www.oceanswatch.org

Boot Key City Marina ] www.ci.marathon.fl.us/index.aspx?NID=26

Endangered Planet Foundation & Sail Aid to Haiti – www.endangeredplanetfoundation.org

Super Color – www.supercolor.com

Joanne Tawfilis ] Art Miles Mural Project & “Shoes of Hope” – www.artmiles.org

Bridge Point Education ] www.bridgepointeducation.com

Volunteer San Diego ] www.volunteersandiego.org

Sun Electronics – www.sunelec.com

James Bourlet Inc. – Specialty Art Moving – New York

Schooner Liberty ] www.libertyschooner.com

Sailing Vessel “Tranquility’s” Crew Consisted of


Cameron Murray – Captain & Renewable Energy Specialists

Leighia Murray – Wife, Admiral & Teacher

Maya Murray – Daughter & Swab

Fynn Murray – Son & Engineer

Ali Scheier – Deck Hand & Translator

Meryl Sarty – Security Officer & Translator

Leighia Murray

April 5, 2010

Sandy Sarty – Agriculturalists & Translator

Cameron & Leighia [ www.transmarinepro.com ] 27-Apr-2010
More info about www.transmarinepro.com....
Cameron & Leighia [ www.transmarinepro.com ] 09-Dec-2008
Trans Marine Pro is a sailing mobile workshop that installs renewable energy systems onboard sailing vessels. Raft up service provided if in the area. www.transmarinepro.com
Cameron & Leighia [ www.transmarinepro.com ] 09-Dec-2008

vira yachting (Profile)

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yavuz [ vira yachting ] 13-Jul-2009

zurich (Profile)

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rjd [ zurich ] 03-Aug-2008

buzz off (Profile)

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jim [ buzz off ] 20-Mar-2008

Day One (Profile)

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Jack and Sue [ Day One ] 13-Jun-2008

bluemapia (Profile)

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Marcello [ bluemapia ] 31-Mar-2008

Comes (Profile)

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Mario [ Comes ] 26-Jun-2008

Harry Warren (Profile)

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Andrew and Alex [ Harry Warren ] 14-Jul-2008

Allegedly (Profile)

At dock in Dunedin, Florida
Edward Turner [ S/V Allegedly ] 08-Jan-2008

Antigua (Profile)

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John and Martha [ Antigua ] 04-Aug-2015

Southbound (Profile)

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Gord & Maggie [ Southbound ] 04-Apr-2007


Gord & Maggie [ Southbound ] 04-Apr-2007

Ariadne II (Profile)

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Hacked [ By YO-GI-OH!!! ] 03-May-2007

Maverick 3 (Profile)

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adeline [ maverick 3 ] 11-Oct-2007

Concerto (Profile)

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Geoff and June [ Concerto ] 27-Nov-2007

KW (Profile)

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GB and Simba [ KW ] 28-Nov-2007

Tibwa (Profile)

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jm [ Tibwa ] 24-Feb-2008

Virgos Child (Profile)

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Terry and Elaine [ Virgos Child ] 24-Feb-2008