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Lisa y Tony [ Focus II ] 25-Apr-2009
Dominican Sailer married with a Swedesh Lady. Living in Boca Chica Marina Zar Par, Dominican Republic. With Elizabeth we sail from DR to Puerto Rico, Culebras, St. Thomas and BVI's. In 2007 we sail around Hispaniola Island, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Lisa y Tony [ Focus II ] 25-Apr-2009

We sold out ELIZABETH (Beneteau first 265 and now we buy the FOCUS II, a Jenanneau Sunrise 34 with a very look interior, 16 BTU Air Conditioning System, 12 Volt refrigereation System and a 6 KW Generator. Is a really confortable boat and also have a good sailing performance.  Full set of sails, main, roller fruling Jib system and Spinaker make her fast sailing boat.

Lisa y Tony [ Focus II ] 25-Apr-2009

Focus II

Our new sailboat Focus II Jeanneau Sunrise 34, 1986

Lisa y Tony [ Focus II ] 18-Jun-2009