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Internet access in Croatia

179 Kn for the USB dongle from any VIPNET store. Sometimes in high demand locally and often out of stock.

Also need to buy a recharge voucher (from Vipme store or any tobbaconist) for an additional 200Kn. Once activated, recharge the 200Kn voucher on the VIPME web page and the go to selct options and select the 500MB for 200Kn option.

The software installs automatically from the USB stick when you connect it to your laptop. You can hear the USB stick install as a drive first, then uninstall itself and install the USB cellphone and WiFi by the tones on your computer, each time you connect. 

This gives you GPRS and UMTS access with good coverage almost all over Croatia, with exceptions in some outlying islands for 1 month. The 500MB limit was more than  adequate for our email, weather and normal browsing needs.

Howard and Jayne [ Just Imagine ] 21-Aug-2009