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Nara Inlet (Anchorage)

The entrance to Nara Inlet is to the starboard (right) side of the marker at the entrance

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Lindeman Island

Club Med
Caters for families Club Med style with coupons bought on arrival. A choice of Restaurants & bars, 9 hole golf course, tennis, archery, circus, watersports, showers/toilets.

Depending on the time you arrive, you are expected
to pay for meals as follows:
Breakfast 6.30am to 11.30am
$22 per adult/$11 per child 4-11
Lunch 10.30am to 6.00pm
$72 per adult/$36 per child 4-11/$7 per infant
Dinner 3.30pm to 11.30pm
$72 per adult/$36 per child 4-11/$7 per infant
Soft drink, wine and beer are included with meals

All activities except excursions are included in the costs as above.

Bookings not required
Half Day Mooring $30
Overnight mooring $50


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Tongue Bay (Anchorage)

Tounge bay is quite a large anchorage that offers a secure haven for keel boaters that want to explore Hill inlet or who have fled the crowds or the swell at Whitehaven. The depth is fairly shallow and the holding is good. www.rentayacht.com.au

Situated north of Whitehaven, this bay is superb! Take the dinghy to the point for some fishing or head for the beach half way down the 'tongue' where you'll find a walking track over the hill to Hill Inlet. Don't miss it!
Shelterd from SE-NW
Walk over the point to Hill inlet and the look out for the some of the finest views in the Whitsundays, including the vista of the blue/green waters of Hill inlet and the expanse of pure white sand.
Walk or dinghy around to Betty's beach and Hill Inlet for beautiful beach conditions... but don't expect to be alone.
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Cataran bay (Mooring)

Border Island is one of the outlying Islands that will reward your efforts for going there. Reef protection buoys have been installed to prevent further damage to the islands excellent fringing reef.

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Butterfly Bay (Mooring)

The Western Bay offers the best protection. The bottom is strewn with Coral which has suffered damage over the years and the reef protection buoys have now been installed. The reef and sand beaches here offer excellent exploring. Watch out for Sting rays when you walk on the sand flats (shuffle your feet) www.rentayacht.com.au
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Blue earl Bay (Mooring)

 Blue pearl bay is a lovely expanse of bay with beautiful beaches. Blue Pearl offers some good diving and snorkelling. The best dive sites are off castle rock and dolphin point.

Blue Pearl Bay is located at the North Western corner of Hayman Island. It offers excellent snorkelling and diving with a large variety of coral and plenty of sea life.  As an anchorage it offers protection from South Easterlies, but other winds tend to see some swell appear during overnight stays.
No fishing. Overnight anchoring is not permitted.  Use only the public moorings.
Shelter NE-SE.
Do not attempt to go through the Langford Reef area when going to Blue Pearl from Hook Island.  Lots of day boats who will go about 3pm.
 Excellent snorkelling at the north and south end of this bay
Watch the sunset over the distant mainland
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Stonehaven (Anchorage)

Stonehaven is a majestic bay surrounded by some lofty hills. It is very blustery in heavy South East conditions. Moreover the anchorage is relatively deep. Because of these two factors put down plenty of anchor line
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Macona Inlet (Anchorage)

Macona Inlet is a vast excellent anchorage that cuts into Hook Island from the south. It has two anchorages protected from all conditions except southerlies. Fishing can easily deliver lunch or dinner with little skill

Open to SE. Macona provides excellent protection from most conditions except a southerly

When entering Macona keep the green navigation marker to your starboard (right) side.  There is an extensive reef area so ensure you have swinging room if conditions change
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Cid Harbour (Anchorage)

Cid Harbour is a very large Harbour and one of the all weather anchorages of the Whitsundays. It was occasionally used as an anchorage by the Australian and Allied navies during World War 2. Today it is popular with Yachts, trailer sailers and campers alike.
Hidden between Cid Island and the western side of Whitsunday Island, Cid Harbour encompasses several bays and beaches and provides a number of anchoring opportunities. It's a popular spot for campers as well as cruisers. Sometimes you'll also find ocean going vessels moored here to escape the elements. Dugong Inlet is a safe haven in stiff northerlies.
Shelter from NW to SW. Cid harbour provides excellent protection from all but winds from the West.

If anchoring at Joe's Beach, don't try to moor too close. There is extensive reef between Loriard Point and Joe's Beach

For the really adventurous, there is a walking track to Whitsunday peak... but make sure you pack some water!  There is a nice walk round to Dugong Inlet from Sawmill Beach as well

Watch the sunset over the Molle island group to the West.
Reef flights can be arranged to collect you from here.
There are a number of small beaches in Cid Harbour.
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Shute Harbour (Anchorage)

Shute Harbour is the original port for the Whitsundays. Presently it is home to ferries that service the Whitsunday Island resorts and outer reef.
It is sometimes used as a first or last night stopover for charterers though it can be swelly and receives ferry wash. Better options are Bauer Bay - South Molle Island and Palm Bay Resort - Long Island
Shelter from all but strong SE
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Windy Bay (Anchorage)

Windy Bay provides an excellent place to stopover in the right conditions. Venture ashore with the right tide to walk over the saddle to see White Bay on the southern side of the island. It is a quiet shallow bay with a sandy bottom.
Shelter E-SW
Shallow waters at low tide
Walk over the saddle to White Bay
The beach is a nice place to visit but be careful not to get the dinghy stuck on a falling tide
This is an infrequently visited anchorage

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Chalkies Beach (Anchorage)

Just across the passage from Whitehaven is Chalkies. This anchorage has a magnificent beach. If Whitehaven is crowded this is a good alternative. In neap tides and light southerly winds, snorkelling at the Northern end of the beach is good.  People that experience any of our Whitsundays bareboat charters often comment on the beauty of this iconic location
Chalkies beach is aptly named for its powder white sandy beach. It is an excellent alternative to Whitehaven beach if that anchorage is crowded.  Overnight anchoring in Easterly conditions is slightly better than Whitehaven with better protection from the wind.
Shelter from E to SE.
Coral fringe at either end of the beach with a deep drop off at the southern end.  Anchoring is not as easy as it is at Whitehaven.
Coral fringing reef offers snorkelling at the South Western edge of the beach.
Watch the sun set over Whitehaven Beach
Outer reef flights can be arranged to collect you from here.
Chalkies Beach is a pristine, white, sandy beach that you can enjoy for hours.
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Whitehaven Beach (Anchorage)

If coming from Solway Passage watch out for the reef area which is always covered at the south east end of Whitehaven Beach. It is marked with a north cardinal mark. Proceed north until you are well clear of the passage before turning to port and heading for the beach. If you are considering sailing the Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven is a must-see.  Whitehaven is an incredible expanse of pure white sand, the legacy of a geologic era when the sea level was lower. It is a magnificent beach and one that is understandably popular with all and sundry, from itinerant yachts to motorised catamarans complete with rock bands.
If you've seen pictures of the Whitsundays you would have seen Whitehaven Beach. Well known for its six kilometres of pure white sand, it is a very popular spot for day trippers and charterers alike.
No Fishing. Shelterd from E to NW.
Sandflies and mosquitos - take repellent with you. When cruising watch for Lagoon Rock to the north of the beach and the strong current through Solway Passage to the south. As an anchorage Whitehaven can be rolly if the wind is to the East so consider Chalkies Beach on Haslewood Island if this is the case.
Arrange to be collected by a seaplane for an outer reef experience.
Whithaven Beach is recognised as one of the finest beaches in the world.  Stroll along and enjoy the magic!
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Chance Bay (Anchorage)

Chance Bay, also on Whitsunday Island, is a double bay with 2 beautiful sand beaches. There is good snorkelling around the reef areas. As with other south exposed anchorages along these islands this one is risky for overnight use during the trade wind seasons.
Chance Bay is found on the south-eastern side of Whitsunday Island around the corner from Whitehaven Beach.  This is an excellent 'Plan B' in northerly winds when it is not comfortable to stay at Whitehaven. Don't be deceived when trying to work out where you are - Chance Bay is made up of two smaller bays each with a sand beach. There is also good snorkelling in both bays.
Ensure you are available for 1pm radio schedules in case of a wind change
Sheltered from NE and NW.
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100 Magic Miles (Guide)

100 Magic Miles is the bible for cruising these waters.

Click here to order
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Hayman Island

Hayman is no longer accepting day visits. Overnight visits are permitted, although you are unable to stay on your vessel and must book into the resort for the night. 
Smart casual dress code. Notice is required.

Call channel 16 or 10 when approaching the harbour

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Peppers Palm Bay

24 hour notice is recommended. Eight moorings are available in the lagoon where you tie up to a palm tree. A true 'getaway' spot with fine dining, pool, spa, tennis court and BBQ facilities. Showers/laundry for your use. Basic supplies and ice. Perfect last night stop. Please be aware children under 14 years are not permitted & a maximum of 6 people per vessel permitted. This resort caters mostly for couples and honeymooners

Call channel 16 or 10 when approaching resort
Overnight inside mooring $45
Overnight outside mooring $15

$25 p/p should you wish to go ashore


Palm Bay resort is an excellent first or last night anchorage as it is close to the mainland and is protected from all but North West winds. Its small harbour only has space for 8 boats at a time so booking is a must. On shore, you will find a lovely small resort with all the feel of Gilligan's Island (but so many more comforts!!)
8 Boats maximum - bookings essential
Shelter from all but north westerly. Excellent anchorage except strong North West.
Vessels must not enter or exit the harbour without assistance
This small resort caters to an exclusive clientele but the 8 boat anchorage is a picturesque place to moor.
There are a number of walks north and south of the resort.

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South Molle Island

Restaurants, pool and various watersports available. Showers/laundry also available. 16kms of National Park walking tracks - walk to the top of the island which has great views or have a round of golf on the 9 hole golf course.

Bookings not required
Moorings now available and check in at reception
Overnight Moorings $49


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Daydream Island

A small resort island with 4 outside moorings and 1 inside marina berth. Treat yourself to a wonderful spa experience or visit the man made outdoor Aquarium which contains over 40 marine fish species and 50 coral varieties! An array of Restaurants & Cafe's to choose from, pool bars & lagoon style pools, watersports, mini golf, rejuvenation spa and open air cinema.

Call channel 16 or 12 when approaching harbour
Overnight outside mooring $55

Daydream Island is well worth a stopover for a game of mini golf, a revitalising trip to the Spa and a drink round the pool.
Daydream Island also has a lovely bay on the North West corner which is idyllic in the right conditions. Check your charts for the location of Sunlovers Bay.
No access to the marina.  No anchoring.  Resort owned moorings are available contact the resort direct for booking.
In calm conditions only
One Public Mooring.  Resort moorings available for a charge
Can be an uncomfortable anchorage in anything but calm conditions
Daydream Island Resort was refurbished in 2000 and offers a full range of resort facilities.
Daydream has a lovely beach that wraps around the Southern end of the island.

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Hook Island

Basic camping style wilderness resort. Has a restaurant, pool, bush walking, good snorkelling. Can purchase bread, milk & ice. Moorings on first come, first served bases. Visit the Underwater Observatory.

Call channel 16 or 74 when approaching resort
Bookings not required
Overnight mooring $45 or $10 per hour


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Club Crocodile (Mooring)

Caters for families and a younger crowd and a short bush walk from Palm Bay. Restaurant, bar, showers/laundry, pool, 20kms of bush walking tracks & motorised/non motorised watersports.

Call channel 16 or 11 when approaching resort
Overnight mooring $75 for the first night & $55 p/night thereafter
Anchoring is permitted


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Long Island Resort (Club Crocodile)

Historically, Happy Bay has been a popular first-night anchorage for bareboat charterers, who often haven't time to get to another overnight anchorage after their briefing in Shute Harbour but who want to get on their way rather then spending their first night at Shute. It is the site of Club Crocodile Long Island Resort. If you wish to overnight at Happy Bay and visit the resort whilst sailing the Whitsunday Islands, radio ahead of VHF Channel 16 to advise your arrival time and to book a mooring with the watersports Manager.

Just south of Happy Bay on Long Island is Palm Bay. Palm Bay has a dredged channel and lagoon offering another good overnight anchorage near Shute Harbour, a great place to stay during your Whitsundays bareboat charter. There is room in the lagoon for 8 vessels and there are 2 moorings outside the lagoon as well. Once in the harbour, yachts pick up a mooring and tie a stern line ashore. There is an overnight fee and visitors are welcome to use facilities at the Peppers Retreat, including the signature restaurant 'La Riviera'. 

Club Crocodile Long Island Resort is located at Happy Bay on the Western side of Long Island. Here you have the opportunity to stock up on essentials. There's a cost to pick up a mooring, which gives you access to the family-oriented resort facilities that includes showers! Take a walking track to a secluded beach on the eastern side of the island. Stroll over to Palm Bay Resort for a drink with a different view!

Shelter NE-SW. Do not plan to stay overnight if winds are forecast from the North-West

Resort owned moorings are available for a fee
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Abel Point Marina (Marina)

Call QYC channel 74 when approaching marina
Overnight berth $45 or $10 per hour

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Gulnare Inlet (Anchorage)

very protected anchorage that has a few shallow spots on the way in, so be aware of the state of the tide, it is probably best to enter on a rising tide.
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If you want protection from the elements, this is the place! Gulnare is on the western side of Whitsunday Island, just a short scoot north from Hamilton Island. Gulnare offers protection in all wind directions and you can fish the time away.
Check with CCY to ensure tides are right for entering the inlet.
Shelter in All wind directions except a strong Southerly.
Enter Gulnare Inlet on the top half of a rising tide as it is a shallow entrance. There are isolated reefs to be careful of - one to the east of the entrance to the Inlet and if you're coming from the Fitzalan Passage, watch the reef south of the Inlet.
Gulnare offers good holding and protection from most winds except a strong southerly.
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Turtle Bay (Anchorage)

Turtle Bay consists of a beautiful series of bays just east of Fitzallan Passage. There are a number of good lunch time spots in suitable weather during the April to September trade winds season.
Turtle Bay is on the southern coast of Whitsunday Island around the corner from Whitehaven Beach. There are two anchorages available and the area offers some good snorkelling and beachcombing.
Only available if North Easterly conditions are forecast for overnight and the next day.
Sheltered in NW and NE
Strong southerlies can catch you out in the middle of the night betwen April and September. It's best not to overnight here during these months.
The beaches here are very nice to visit... Sit and look across to Hamilton and Pentecost Islands to the South.
Sail around to Whithaven Beach via the Solway Passage
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