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The small Craft Harbour in Richards Bay has always welcomed international cruising yachtsman en rout from Indonesia / Malaysia via Madagascar to Cape Town. Unfortunately, the waterfront area has degenerated into such a noisy place with clubs playing thunderous music till 4 a.m. in the morning, drunk patrons revving bikes and cars and throwing burning cigarettes (even rubber) on yachts. It has simply become undesirable and even unsafe to stop over there. The landlord seems unable to control his tenants and the Port is also unable to control the situation. This has become a haven for aggressive bikers drug addicts, and criminals. The police constantly pretend that there is no problem even though their chief has briefed them about the problems several times before, so they are probably on the take. Complaints made to them are met with aggression and threats. We have run a charter operation here for seven years and we have seen the area degenerate to the point where we are closing down the business and going cruising. The sleep depravation and wanton disregard for other people's right is just too much to handle. For any reference you can call Izak Labuschagne on 0731 5678 25
Izak Labuschagne [ Yacht Sweet Waters ] 25-May-2012